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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Earl and Fairy (Hakushaku to Yōsei)

Title: Earl and Fairy (Hakushaku to Yōsei)
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Love Triangle, and some Action.
Number of Episodes: 12
Romance Level: 7/10
Sex Level: 2/10 (While although the overall content was tame, there were a few stabs at the female protagonists chastity. No pun intended.)
Concluded: No.
Animation: Very Good.
Year(s): 2008
Manga: Yes. (Haven't read. )

Overall Rating: 8/10

Summary: A fairy doctor, who serves as a medium between humans and fairies is hired by a man who calls himself the Blue Knight Earl, and is considered to be the Earl of the fairy kingdom and all of it's subjects.

Review of the comments is highly recommended.

Comments: It's somewhat hard for me to get a feeling on Earl and Fairy, as I found myself incredibly confused throughout most of it. It wasn't until I stopped trying to figure everything out and just went with it that I could relax and enjoy what I was watching.
A few notes for those who watch that didn't sink in for me until way later:
- A Fairy "Doctor" is not actually a "doctor" at all, but it is merely a title for humans that are capable of seeing, or in some cases, commanding, fairies and creatures of the like.
- Lydia, the female protagonist, becomes an employee of the Earl to assist him with his dealings of fairies, as he cannot see them.
- Lydia lives with her father while she's staying in London, even if she spends all of her time at the Earl's mansion. 
- This series is set in Victorian times, although the fact that London feels like it's been stuck in a time warp since then doesn't help.
The Earl has a sordid past and I'm not sure if he's qualified to be the Earl. Also I was a little fuzzy on his motivation but those were all things I was struggling with since the beginning when I couldn't quite follow. Events move quickly, but the short amount of episodes makes that understandable.
Once I found my footing I began to really like the story. The romance came fast and it was another story of a heroine who refused to believe that anything that spilled from a man's mouth was the truth, mainly because most of them were habitual liars to begin with.
The animation was good, although her hair blew my mind a little, but there was no AAA (Awkward Animation Acclimation).
Conclusion was disappointing. SO many things were left undone that it could have done with another 20 episodes or so to wrap things up. It felt like the story was just picking up momentum when it came to a sudden stop. Avoid this one if you like your stories to be concluded. 
Refreshingly new story with loads of fantasy. Wanted more, but was rudely denied!
Earl and Fairy Torrent (.mkv) PRO TIP: Watch what comes after the credits. I am one who does not like to see snippets of the next episode and have it potentially ruined for me, so I try not to watch what comes after the credits.
This is another one of those series that includes additional content from the current episode after the credits, which may have had a large hand in why I was so lost most of the time! I didn't realize it until around episode 8!


Dark Illusions said...

I COMPLETELY agree with you about the ending. Seriously!! I'm hoping for a second season because there is no way that it can stay concluded the way it is.

Phoebe Graham said...

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we dident get to see Lidia and the earl get married or what happened next with the prince plus it was such a good show and did the books end the same are there some in engish or did the books show them getting married

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Anonymous said...
in this website u can find the english translation of the book..its currently done upto book 5..6 is translating
read from book 1 cause the show didnt cover most of the thing...u'll kinda find it new.
the book are also exiting!cant wait for book 6

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